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Forty nine years after we started Oakwood Game Farm, we’re still a family-owned business, and we are proud and grateful to be one of the largest game bird propagation facilities in the United States.  Read about a typical hatch day or if interested in raising pheasants, see Raising Tips.

Oakwood Game Farm is located on 100 acres of land in Central Minnesota. We maintain a large breeding stock to ensure a plentiful, continuous supply of game birds including pheasant and chukar partridge. You’ll enjoy the birds as much as we enjoyed raising them.

After 49 years of hatching and raising game birds, we have gone through some ups and downs, some great successes and some not so great.  However, through all these times we have learned a lot about game birds and consider ourselves experts in the fields of raising and shipping our birds.  Let us share this expertise with you when you buy birds from us and feel confident that you will raise quality birds with our support.
Make sure to visit our Tips-for-Raising page for helpful information on how to start and maintain your birds and learn more about predator protection for your birds with Nite Guard Solar.  If you do not find your answer there, call us at 1-800-328-6647 and speak with one of our experts.

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